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A Closer Look at The MRG-G2000HT

The crew from G-Shock’s Soho store in NYC has laid out the spectacular MRG-G2000HT for a closer look. In the light of day, the premium G is every bit as jaw droppingRead More

New MR-G MRG-G2000CB Kuro-Zonae Revealed

The latest releases from G-Shock show us that it’s all about black right now. Casio followed the announcement of the 35th anniversary Big Bang Black collection with news that the next MR-G willRead More

G-Shock Officially Unveil the MRG-G1000B-1A4

The MRG-G1000B has officially been revealed as part of G-Shock’s Baselworld 2017 lineup. The GPS Hybrid timepiece has been designed with reference to the Aka-Zonae (‘Red Coloured Armour’), the name given toRead More

G-Shock MRG-G2000HT Kasumi-Tsuchime

Each year the world’s top timepiece manufacturers set their watches to Central European Time as they descend on the Baselworld trade show in Switzerland. It’s there that they show off their latestRead More

Where to Buy the MRG-G1000HG-9A

The magnificent MR-G has landed at retailers around the world! The Hammer Tone anniversary edition is for serious G-Shock lovers only – it’s the absolute top of the line and you’ll probably neverRead More

New G-Shock MRG-G1000B-1A4

Things have quietened down on the MR-G front since last year’s 20th anniversary celebrations came to a close – until now. The top end G is back on the radar with another traditionallyRead More

Up Close with the MRG-G1000HG-9A

Here is the most refined piece of engineered perfection that G-Shock have ever produced. It’s no exaggeration, the 20th anniversary MRG-G1000HG-9A is insane. From its golden, hammer-toned exterior to its intricate innards, theRead More

G-Shock Launches the MRG-G1000G-9

G-Shock recently hosted a launch event for the MRG-G1000G-9 in Hong Kong, and boy did they turn it on. The focus of the event was the gilt Hammer Tone MR-G, while theRead More

G-Shock MRG-100T (1996 Throwback)

Without doubt the biggest G-Shock releases this year have been focussed around the premium MR-G line. Celebrating its 20th anniversary throughout 2016, the gentleman’s G has been lavished with high-end materials andRead More