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G-Shock tech evolution: Mudman

For the Temple of G fanzine, we reached out to Sjors Kuyt from to document G-SHOCK’s most important and innovative technological breakthroughs. In this edition he pays tribute to the G-ShockRead More

G-Shock ‘Men in Rescue Red’ Mudman GW-9300RD-4JF

It was just yesterday that we were ruminating on the brilliance of G-Shock’s ‘Men in ___’ collections, and now we see a Mudman from one such pack pop up outta nowhere. TheRead More

Up-close with the G-Shock Mudman GW-9300CM-1JR

Ages after the announcement way, way back earlier in the year, we finally get a good look at the ‘Men In Camo’ series, starting with this Mudman. Delivered in a lovely camouflagedRead More

G-Shock Mudman G-9000 (2006 Throwback)

It’s 2006, Zinedine Zidane plays a near perfect World Cup for France, but a cataclysmic brain fade (and forceful use of the skull that encases that brain) consigns his tournament to infamy.Read More

G-Shock Mudman DW-8400G-1 (1995 Throwback)

In celebration of G-Shock’s 30th anniversary this year, we’re digging deep into the brand’s spectacular back catalogue to pull out a watch from every year since they started – this week weRead More

Closer look at the G-Shock Initial Blue MUDMAN GW-9330B-1JR

The G-Shock Initial Blue pack has hit stores in Japan, and that means we can get a closer look at the collection before we get our own mitts and wrists on it.Read More

Close-up look at G-9300 Mudman

Here’s a first close up look at the brand new G-Shock G-9300-1DR Mudman. Equipped for the rough and tumble of dessert rally racing, look out for this tough nut to be releasedRead More

G-Shock GW-9300 Mudman release date

Developed for off road rally racing, the new dust-proof GW-9300 Mudman has been officially unveiled by Casio Japan, with a June 30 release date confirmed. Designed for navigating a desert, this Tough-SolarRead More

G-Shock in Space – NASA Approved

The rising and setting of the sun has always been a reliable indicator of time, albeit a little rough. On the International Space Station the sun rises every 90 minutes, we canRead More