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Nigel Sylvester Takes on Dubai

On a scale of unnecessary to insane, jumping out of an aeroplane in Dubai with a BMX bike would have to be right up there at ‘Are you for real?’ Well, inRead More

Nigel Sylvester writes tribute to Dave Mirra

G-Shock ambassador Nigel Sylvester has written a lovely testimonial to BMX legend Dave Mirra. Nigel found a childhood idol and an eventual professional mentor in Dave Mirra, and was clearly affected byRead More

Nigel Sylvester stars in ‘Solefood Kicks & Giggles’

Rasheed Young has been all around the globe plying his ever-morphing trade; sometimes he’s a business man while other times he’s an advisor (or ‘consigliere’, as he calls it). Whatever he’s doingRead More

Nigel Sylvester takes on Mexico City in new G-Shock film

In our humble opinion, Nigel Sylvester is the dopest ambassador on G-Shock’s books. He’s in the absolute upper echelon of his sport and goes about his grind with street smarts and swagRead More

Nigel Sylvester and Anthony DeRosa tear up the playground

G-Shock ambassador and BMX bandit Nigel Sylvester is constantly tearing up the New York City streets like his skid marks don’t stink. Sorry about the turn of phrase, but it had toRead More

Nigel Sylvester shows off the G-Shock GD-X6900HT

Nigel Sylvester is the BMX-riding pride and joy of G-Shock and it’s high time he had another signature release for us all to enjoy. The chefs in the G-Shock kitchen show thatRead More

Nigel Sylvester shows off second gen Bluetooth G-Shock

BMX bandit Nigel Sylvester has again been reeled in to show the world what the functions of the Bluetooth G-Shock mean in real life. He showed us how the first generation modelRead More

Nigel Sylvester drops by London G-Shock store

G-Shock’s BMX poster beast Nigel Sylvester has been doing his bit for the big G recently, and when he was in London he paid a visit to G-Shock’s store on Brick Lane.Read More

Nigel Sylvester and Stevie Williams demo the G-Shock Bluetooth GB6900

G-Shock have been putting their A-list athletes to work recently and they ain’t about to let up – here we have another dope video, this time starring both BMX bandit Nigel SylvesterRead More