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Top 10 Best Selling Baby-Gs of October 2017

Unlike the predominately pitch-black lineup of October’s top ten best-selling G-Shock models, the Baby-G best sellers are a much brighter bunch. Pink, orange, yellow, blue – it’s a veritable rainbow of wristwatches.Read More

Top 10 Best Selling G-Shocks of October 2017

It’s been a while since we whipped out our Casio brand abacus and crunched the numbers on the monthly best sellers. Once again our thirst for knowledge got the better of us,Read More

Top 10 Best Selling G-Shocks of February 2017

Over the past few years, the big duo models have reigned supreme in the kingdom of G-Shock – the top ten best selling models for February 2017 are certainly proof of that.Read More

Top 10 Best Selling Baby-Gs of February 2017

February was an equal mix for the top selling Baby-G models. There are plenty of different colours and styles, showing just how diverse an audience the brand has. With that said, there’sRead More

Top 10 Best Selling Baby-Gs of January 2017

January’s best selling Baby-G results are in and the top ten is looking mighty colourful. Unlike G-Shock, which tends to post lots of black in the top performers, Baby-G has a mix of playfulRead More

Top 10 Best Selling G-Shocks of January 2017

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s top ten time once again and we’ve got a splendid selection of best sellers to tickle your ocular receptors. There’s a good mix of top-tier and casual styles,Read More

Top 10 Selling G-Shocks of October 2016

The heaviest hitting G-Shocks of October are here and we’re looking at an all-star line-up. The GA-400 gets the top spot, knocking the ever popular GA-110 back to a respectable fifth position.Read More

Top 10 Selling Baby-Gs of October 2016

We’ve been busy tallying up the numbers and we’re back once again with the top sellers from the month of October. Baby-G has been hustling hard with scaled down tough watches andRead More

Top 10 Selling Baby-Gs of September 2016

Ladies, we’re not leaving you in the lurch, here are the Baby-Gs that graced the most wrists this past month. There’s not a digi-face in the bunch but the girls are gettingRead More