Having lived in Perth and done very little academically for the better part of my entire existence, I've somehow weaseled my way into a permanent position at Highs and Lows as a flogger and blogger of footwear and street couture. Due to a certain jen se qua, my intellectual innuendo has found it's way onto the pages of Acclaim magazine, GameInformer and various websites and east coast radio shows, the latter of whom like to cherry pick from my personal blog on a quiet news day. I've ridden a skateboard for the last six years and have been playing video games since before I was born. When I'm not doing any of that, you can find me where the free booze is, possibly with a camera in my hand.


Blake Griffin being silly

BEN MENZIES / February 02

Pau Gasol was guarding Griffin and was all like ‘chill guys I got this’ and knocked the ball out of Griffin’s hand but he got it back and started dribbling again. Gasol knew he touched the ball before Griffin did but had a huge cry anyway and was [...]

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Nothing better than two notoriously over-confident superstars parodying themselves to promote basketball shoes and apparel.

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The Little NBA Season That Could

BEN MENZIES / January 18

With all the mind-blowing shit that’s already gone down this year it’s hard to imagine that there was a lockout and a very real threat of no season in 2012. Basketball stopped for a little while (contrary to Nike’s ad campaign) but our faith in the game didn’t, [...]

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Jerome Simpson – Unconventional

BEN MENZIES / January 09

I don’t know anything about American football and I’m not about to pretend that I do. I do however have an immense appreciation for flamboyant acts of athletic ignorance and there is no finer example of this than Jerome Simpson’s frontflip touchdown: Whether or not this was a [...]

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FIGURE 8 – Trailer

BEN MENZIES / December 01

I’m hyped for this. Looks like Ben McCormick and Matt Evans have taken a more cinematic direction with Perth’s latest full length and the resulting polish more than justifies their efforts. Featuring full parts from Phillip Marshall, Justin Lloyd, Barry Mansfield, Mitch Cunningham, Quayde Baker and a freshly [...]

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