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You know it by now, people are hungry for Apple. Everything they touch seemingly sells likes hot apple cakes, and there’s definitely been times they’ve tested their fans’ commitment to the cause – those plastic iPhones were whack and way too expensive! Jimmy Kimmel’s band of public irritators [...]

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Analogue aficionados have already been blessed with a Fire Package banger, and now you digi-die hards have got some scrap of your own to salivate over. The G-Shock GW-M500 gets a dabbing of hot yellow to welcome it to the Fire family. Check the pics and tech specs [...]

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G-Shock lovers are no strangers to Maharishi – the camo kings created a dope Rangeman earlier this year. They’re known foremost for their premium take on streetwear and they’ve just kicked off a huge sale, with 70% off a stack of good stuff. We suggest you take a [...]

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Last year it was big daddy G-Shock’s 30th birthday, now it’s time for little sister Baby G to celebrate her own milestone. The ladies fashion watch brand is 20 in 2014 and has been throwing some birthday parties around the world, stopping in New Zealand recently to for [...]

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UPDATE: We’ve got some big pictures of each model in all its glory. Click through the gallery below to pick out your favourite. G-Shock has something big and blingy planned for later in the year… it’s the Gold Collection. Check out this first look preview of the six-watch-strong [...]

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