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Sports clubs are typically well-baby-oiled machismo machines. ‘Jock’ has become the slur that sensitive creatives have nightmares about being branded, but there are dudes out there who love sport but don’t have a carnal desire to shower naked with other men and partake in antiquated initiation activities. And [...]

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After the avalanche of camouflage G-Shocks that dominated the charts in August, we can only assume that the series has sold out, because none of the original Camo Series models have shown up this time around. That’s slightly refreshing for us here at G-Street, it’s nice to see [...]

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UPDATE: Wawa-wee-wa! We never thought this would happen, Australia is getting a handful of this crazy release! This Friday, October 2, the vintage look MT-G will drop at Melbourne’s G-Factory (in Myer) for $1,399. There will only be five pieces available, so get your sleeping bags ready. Oh [...]

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G-Shock October 2014 Releases

G-Street / September 30

Just in the nick of time before October spins into action, G-Shock unleash the list of what they’ve got planned to drop for the month. There’s 15 new watches prepped for the month, and the models that immediately catch your eye are probably going to come from the [...]

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We’ve already peeped the heavy hitting half of the Love The Sea and the Earth Pack, now we take a little look at the little fella that the ladies love. The Baby-G BGD-5000K-4JR is laid out in a pink band and bazel with black border framing the LCD [...]

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