G-Shock x deepBMX Berlin Freestyle Video

G-Shock’s Euro crew tear up the tarmac with the deepBMX freestyle team at the Highway to Hill event at Mellowpark Berlin. Between throwing down crazy nosewheelie combos and getting some chill timeRead More

G-Shock’s BMX freestyler dominates ‘da Mansion’

I’ve never been a huge BMX fan, aside from my days slaying Mat Hoffman’s Pro BMX on Playstation 1, but I must admit this video is sick. The pro riders have onlyRead More

Wheels and Waves Festival France 2013 photo recap

Road trips don’t get much doper than this. The second WHEELS and WAVES festival went down in and around French town Biarritz a couple of weeks back and it looked loud, withRead More

Nigel Sylvester drops by London G-Shock store

G-Shock’s BMX poster beast Nigel Sylvester has been doing his bit for the big G recently, and when he was in London he paid a visit to G-Shock’s store on Brick Lane.Read More

Nigel Sylvester and Stevie Williams demo the G-Shock Bluetooth GB6900

G-Shock have been putting their A-list athletes to work recently and they ain’t about to let up – here we have another dope video, this time starring both BMX bandit Nigel SylvesterRead More

G-Shock Nigel Sylvester ‘Black Out’ commercial

BMX bandit Nigel Sylvester is one of the biggest names on G-Shock’s sports roster and his latest signature watch has been garnering a lot of global attention. The blacked out G-Shock GD-101NS-1JR is definitelyRead More

DC Shoes debut new G-Shock DW-5600 and short film

It’s a busy time for DC Shoes – they recently released a limited edition G-Shock  DW-5600 and have just dropped a breathtaking short film featuring Aussie daredevil Robbie Maddison pulling crazy stunts onRead More

G-Shock true toughness put to the test

We’ve probably all got stories about the toughness of our own G-Shocks, but this clip from a Japanese TV show gets a bit ridiculous in testing the durability of the watch. WrappingRead More

Tokyo Real Toughness wrap-up

G-Shock’s Real Toughness bonanza took over Tokyo’s Roppongi Hills Arena this past weekend and proved to be a smash hit with punters. Friday featured keynote speeches from Casio General Manager of GlobalRead More