Nigel Sylvester stars in ‘Solefood Kicks & Giggles’

Rasheed Young has been all around the globe plying his ever-morphing trade; sometimes he’s a business man while other times he’s an advisor (or ‘consigliere’, as he calls it). Whatever he’s doingRead More

Nigel Sylvester takes on Mexico City in new G-Shock film

In our humble opinion, Nigel Sylvester is the dopest ambassador on G-Shock’s books. He’s in the absolute upper echelon of his sport and goes about his grind with street smarts and swagRead More

Watch this: bootlegs from G-Shock Real Toughness

As you should know, G-Shock’s Real Toughness went down in Tokyo over the weekend and it was a rowdy party that went from day to night and featured dancing, bike riding, musicRead More

Nigel Sylvester and Anthony DeRosa tear up the playground

G-Shock ambassador and BMX bandit Nigel Sylvester is constantly tearing up the New York City streets like his skid marks don’t stink. Sorry about the turn of phrase, but it had toRead More

Watch this: G-Shock BMX Flatland crew take Kobe

This is a bit of a flashback, but it’s timeless footage so it doesn’t really matter when you watch it. A few months ago, G-Shock’s BMX Flatland crew headed out to takeRead More

VooDoo Jam ’14 BMX Flatland World Circuit Recap

G-Shock sponsor a few alternative sports that promote creative physical expression, and Flatland BMX is one they like to keep tabs on and help grow. There’s several key events around the globeRead More

G-Shock x deepBMX Berlin Freestyle Video

G-Shock’s Euro crew tear up the tarmac with the deepBMX freestyle team at the Highway to Hill event at Mellowpark Berlin. Between throwing down crazy nosewheelie combos and getting some chill timeRead More

G-Shock’s BMX freestyler dominates ‘da Mansion’

I’ve never been a huge BMX fan, aside from my days slaying Mat Hoffman’s Pro BMX on Playstation 1, but I must admit this video is sick. The pro riders have onlyRead More

Wheels and Waves Festival France 2013 photo recap

Road trips don’t get much doper than this. The second WHEELS and WAVES festival went down in and around French town Biarritz a couple of weeks back and it looked loud, withRead More