Casio Reveal the G-Shock of Cameras

Casio have applied 35 years of indestructible timepiece design know-how to the field of image-capture technology and produced the G’z EYE GZE-1 camera. The rugged recording device bears a striking resemblance toRead More

Letter Boy Sporting The DW-5600LCU-9A

G-Shock have shone the light on Peter Liedberg, aka Letter Boy, to showcase their latest DW-5600LCU-9A. The Tokyo based Swedish designer is known for his traditionally style calligraphy and brush typography, keepingRead More

Rock G-Shock Project 2017

Throughout 2017, G-Shock have been drip-feeding various visual treats under the banner of the latest Rock G-Shock Project. The series sees photographers around the world put a spin on their favourite modelRead More

G-Shock G-100CU Military Colours Lookbook

The G-Shock G-100CU Military Colours series is a supreme show of simple sophistication, stripping an already minimal silhouette back to its bare necessities. The round-faced analogue duo model has been dipped inRead More

Kikuo Ibe’s Travel Essentials

As part of their ongoing Essentials series, the crew over at Hypebeast caught up with Kikuo Ibe – the creator of G-Shock – to find out what he needs to fulfil hisRead More

Ghica Popa Reimagines G-Shock

Creative people all around the world love G-Shock. From sports to design, fashion to music – there’s a watch with just the right combination of functionality and style for your chosen expression.Read More

Supreme x New York Subway MetroCard

Supreme have a vast array of accessories over the years – from nunchucks to fire extinguishers, bolt cutters to bricks. The official Supreme NY Instagram recently uploaded a video of their nextRead More

Behind the Scenes at G-Shock

During the making of the Temple of G fanzine, we were lucky enough to take a tour of G-Shock’s Hamura testing facility. It’s not every day you get a chance to takeRead More

G-Shock MR-G 20th Anniversary Bonsai

What’s more Japanese than a G-Shock in a bonsai? The green thumbs over at Casio HQ have given us a serving of national pride with their latest video, helping to celebrate theRead More