Watch a G-Shock Take on a Train

WARNING: those sensitive to the welfare of G-Shock watches might want to skip this one. On the other hand, anyone with a penchant for some hard-core G-Shock destruction will definitely get aRead More

We Can’t Stop Laughing at ‘G-Torr Origins’

In the lead up to G-Shock’s 35th anniversary in 2018, the brand have invited their international offices to each put together a short film celebrating 35 years of toughness. There are plenty ofRead More

Watch the 5600 Take a Beating

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Nigel Sylvester Takes on Dubai

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Torture Test: G-Shock vs. Crayfish

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Break Free With G-Shock

Festival season is descending on Casio’s homeland and G-Shock want in on the fun-filled action. The new Break Free campaign follows young heartthrob actor and model Ryo Narita as he embraces aRead More

G-Steel Tough as Your Style

G-Shock have once again shown us just why G-Steel is the ultimate all-rounder watch. Their latest Tough as your Style film showcases the watch’s versatility, from the office to the gym andRead More

G-Shock Explore London in ‘No Comply’

The new ‘No Comply’ campaign from G-Shock is all about standing strong – not conforming to the will of those around you or the environment you’re in. The new video series embodiesRead More

G-Shock Presents Big Waver Nic Vaughan

It takes a special kind of person to throw himself at the mercy of a 20-foot tall wall of water. We can imagine it’s a thrill that’s hard to beat, but we canRead More