Vashtie Kola, jack of all creative trades and master of most (and frequent G-Shock collaborator), has prepared a unisex footwear and apparel collection for Puma. Dark hues dominate, perfect for scheming upRead More

Preview of the Vashtie Kola x G-Shock S Series GMA-SS10VK-9ADR

The G-Shock S-Series shrinks popular masculine G-Shock models down for smaller wrists, aimed at ladies who don’t necessarily want something dainty on their dainty wrists. Jack of all creative trades and masterRead More

Learn: super cool people play sports too

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Pigalle x Nike collection launched with party and B-Ball

French clothing label Pigalle has teamed up with Nike to launch their recent collaborative effort with an event in New York City during Fashion Week. Taking inspiration from both basketball and streetwear, Nike and Pigalle heldRead More

Adidas Originals go on London bender to celebrate launch of Rita Ora collection

Who runs the world? Girls. Adidas Originals definitely believe it, they’ve just wrapped up a raucous weekend in London celebrating the launch of the new Rita Ora collaborative collection and flew inRead More

Check these block rockin’ tees by Ted’s Draws

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Melbourne-based streetwear label For The Homies have teamed up with New Era to create a sweet new cross-branded dome cover collection. Flaunting DNA from both brands – pin stripes for New Era’s baseball roots andRead More

Watch this unboxing of the G-Shock x Bape x Coca Cola colab

It’s the most impressive meeting of minds we’ve seen in recent watch history – the G-Shock x Bape x Coca Cola collaboration brought together, in Mike835’s words, ‘three of the biggest brandsRead More

Hot tip: Maharishi launches massive sale

G-Shock lovers are no strangers to Maharishi – the camo kings recently created a dope Rangeman case and a stunning GD-X6900. They’re known foremost for their premium take on streetwear and they’veRead More