G-Shock Gulfman GW-9100-1JF (2007 Throwback)

It was 2007, the last Harry Potter was released, Marion Jones had to hand back five Olympics medals after she was found out for doping, and Europeans were getting their sweaty knickersRead More

G-Shock G’Mix GBA-400 reviews flood in

The third generation Bluetooth G-Shock has been available long enough for watch fans to have a thorough fiddle with it and give their two cents on it, so we’ve seen reams ofRead More

Up-close with the Baby-G 5600GL-4JF

Sometimes the Baby-G range offers up models that has the boys getting all jelly, but this is probably not one of those occasions. This Baby-G 5600GL-4JF is stripped in hot pink acrossRead More

G-Shock January 2015 Releases

We’re playing a bit of catch up after the festive break, so here we present the January lineup of G-Shock releases. There are no huge, world-beating, hands-on-the-cheeks super shock models here, butRead More

Want to work at G-Shock?

We know G-Street plays host to the most passionate community of G-Shock lovers in Australia so what better place for Casio to put the word out about an amazing new job withRead More

Pics of the G-Shock GA-400-9BJF

A G-Shock GA-400 surfaces here in a vibrant two-tone treatment. When you’re looking at this end of the G-Shock spectrum, fancy high-tech specs probably aren’t your first priority, so you’ve gotta beRead More

Greatest G-Shock colab ever nominee: Bliss N Eso DW-6900BNE-1D

Model number:  DW-6900BNE-1D Collaborator:  Bliss N Eso Year released:  2014 2014 was a banner year for G-Shock in Australia. The Japanese head office paid the market enough respect to give us ourRead More

Greatest G-Shock colab ever nominee: Neon Genesis Evangelion Pack

Model number:  GA-110EV-6AJR and GA-110PS-7AJR Collaborator:  Neon Genesis Evangelion Year released:  2010 Anime cult classic Neon Genesis Evangelion didn’t last long on screens, but not out of lack of popularity. Hailed asRead More

Greatest G-Shock colab ever nominee: Royal Air Force GPW-1000RAF-1AJR

Model number:  GPW-1000RAF-1AJR Collaborator:  Royal Air Force Year released:  2014 Although old fond memories can develop a warm and sweet rose-coloured coating that may omit some details, it is surely still theRead More