YouTuber compares iWatch with G-Shock

There’s no denying Apple’s iWatch is buzzing right now. Whether you’re outraged with the hefty price tag, or you’re a tech geek feeling titillated by the latest Apple innovation; everyone seems toRead More

G-Shock MR-G 2015: Everything you need to know

When it first showed up in the mid-nineties, the Mr-G took the G-Shock brand into unprecedented, near-luxury watch territory. After a few more renditions over the following years that garnered many obsessiveRead More

First look at the G-Shock GMD-S6900 Floral Series

This special double pack has slipped under the radar of many a G-Shock blog, because it didn’t pop up on the usual Japanese HQ source. The G-Shock GMD-S6900 Floral Series is arrivingRead More

Up-close with the G-Shock GA-110MR-4AJF

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Jumping on G-Shocks! The latest torture test

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Football Freestyler Tokura joins Team G-Shock

The big ticket ball sports get enough love from the coffers of betting and alcohol brands, so G-Shock has always taken a different strategy to their sponsorships. G-Shock aligns itself with sportsRead More

Up-close with the G-Shock G-Lide GLS-8900CM-2JF

Praise the G-Shock gods, another one of our fave designs of 2015 is finally arriving in stores. The G-Lide series, crafted for all the lovers of wave riding, hit its aesthetic experimentalRead More

The HUF x G-Shock GD400 has been unveiled

G-Shock have announced a collaboration that makes a helluva lot of sense in theory and has been executed perfectly in practice. Kings of skate wear, HUF have conspired with G-Shock to takeRead More

Polarized G-Shock GA110PM-1A winner announced!

Sometimes we’ve got to give ourselves a pat on the back – we’ve done it again, we’ve brought another sensational G-Shock to the people! We’ve given away Metal Twisted G-Shocks, Gulfmasters andRead More