G-Shock G-100CU Military Colours Lookbook

The G-Shock G-100CU Military Colours series is a supreme show of simple sophistication, stripping an already minimal silhouette back to its bare necessities. The round-faced analogue duo model has been dipped inRead More

The Best Camo G-Shocks of the ’90s

We love a camo G-Shock, and we know we’re not alone. Lately, we’ve seen a revival of the patterned G, brought to us with new printing technology and plenty of contemporary style.Read More

Limited Edition GA-710GB No Comply

Our suspicions have been confirmed, a limited edition ‘No Comply’ GA-710GB will be hitting stores shortly. The special package comes with a customised watch and matching black and gold bandana, and isRead More

G-Shock GA-710 Tattoo Lookbook

You won’t get any arguments from us if you point out that G-Shocks last basically forever, and it makes sense that someone who’s invested in the future would want a watch that’sRead More

G-Shock x Loaded GA-400

New Zealand’s premier streetwear location has just dropped a special collaboration with G-Shock. Loaded has locked down a custom GA-400 with a black and white build, showing a sound-wave pattern along theRead More

Will G-Shock Release a No Comply Watch?

The No Comply campaign continues to explore the seldom seen world of London’s subculture, presented through the eyes of the individuals who embody the uncompromising spirit of G-Shock. Grime MC Novelist andRead More

G-Steel Tough as Your Style

G-Shock have once again shown us just why G-Steel is the ultimate all-rounder watch. Their latest Tough as your Style film showcases the watch’s versatility, from the office to the gym andRead More

STASH on G-Shock at Complexcon

G-Shock’s latest collaborative partner, STASH, has been a fan of the brand since day one. Even before the colab was revealed, the artist was an important ambassador for the G. Last year’sRead More

G-Shock x Rays DW-6900

Rays make some of the best performing racing wheels in the automotive world. They recently tried their hand at designing a special, highly limited DW-6900 and their aesthetic rolled over to theRead More