G-Shock World Cup Series (1994 Throwback)

The FIFA World Cup rolls around every four years, making it an occasion worth celebrating. In 1994 G-Shock had recently turned ten years old and was looking to party – and theRead More

Top 10 Best Selling G-Shocks of January 2017

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s top ten time once again and we’ve got a splendid selection of best sellers to tickle your ocular receptors. There’s a good mix of top-tier and casual styles,Read More

Winners Announced – Maharishi x G-Shock Mudmaster

UPDATE: Congratulations to our lucky winner @shazillas and two runners up @whoisnoni and @tedj70. Thanks to everyone who entered, stay posted for more comps coming up! Of late the Maharishi x G-Shock MudmasterRead More

G-Shock Jason G-001-9 (1994/2010 Throwback)

The G-001, aka Jason, earned its nickname from its resemblance to the hockey mask worn by the villain in Friday the 13th. The original 1994 release is a cult classic among collectors,Read More

New G-Shock GA-700 Colours

One of the more recent additions to the G-Shock lineage, the GA-700, is quickly becoming the leader of the pack when it comes to new releases. The latest announcement from HQ includesRead More

G-Street’s Favourite G-Shock Backlight Images

When you think about unique backlight images you might consider the Crazy Gangsters, or perhaps the Bob Marley DW-002BM, but custom backlights have been used on plenty of other models. We’ve pickedRead More

Up Close with the GA-710GB-1A

Let’s get down to brass tacks – the all new GA-710GB-1A is one of the most imposing, yet elegant watches we’ve seen in a long time. The newly tweaked duo model hasRead More

New Tough Leather G-Steel

G-Shock have taken one of their newest darlings into the studio for a full set of glamour shots. The star of the show is the G-Steel, modelling for us the latest leatherRead More

G-Shock Fire Package 2017

It’s that time of year again –for G-Shock are releasing their annual Fire Package. The black and blue colouring has evolved out of last year’s FP drop, giving us a similar AWG-M100SF,Read More