Hugo Vau Free Dives with the Frogman

You don’t earn a rep like G-Shock without backing your products to the very furthest extremes, and when it comes to extreme there are few people as crazy as free diver HugoRead More

Kazu Kokubo Never Enough Time

Team G-Shock’s Kazu Kokubo is a madman on the slopes. From alpine insanity to rest and rehab, the latest video gives us an in-depth look at how the rider fills his days –Read More

G-Shock Launches the MRG-G1000G-9

G-Shock recently hosted a launch event for the MRG-G1000G-9 in Hong Kong, and boy did they turn it on. The focus of the event was the gilt Hammer Tone MR-G, while theRead More

G-Shock MR-G 20th Anniversary Bonsai

What’s more Japanese than a G-Shock in a bonsai? The green thumbs over at Casio HQ have given us a serving of national pride with their latest video, helping to celebrate theRead More

Casio G-Shock Gorilla Movie

G-Shock have enlisted the jungle’s toughest ape to help demonstrate just how strong their watches are. In the latest video series the G cast a gorilla to take on the urban jungle,Read More

G-Shock Partner with Complex and Naturel

G-Shock have joined forces with Complex and contemporary artist Naturel to get the low down on the new GA-700. In a video created to mark the occasion, Naturel talks about why heRead More

Kikuo Ibe: Time and Invention Video

The story of Kikuo Ibe’s past can teach us some important lessons – his invention of the G-Shock came through hard work, achieving goals and realising a dream. In this new videoRead More

G-Shock London Team up with Crepe City

G-Shock London is teaming up with local influencers within streetwear, music and sport to feature their new season’s styles. Round one sees the G get together with morprime from Crepe City, focussingRead More

Take the Plunge with G-Shock’s Frogman

The latest issue of G-Shock’s GWF-D1000 Frogman dive watch comes fully loaded with features to keep you safe as you explore the murky deep – water temperature and depth display, ascent alarm,Read More